December 11, 2017

Service Status

Current Status 

Core network – Melbourne DC1 : OK

Wireless nodes – Major : Known Issue

Wireless nodes – Micro : OK

Wireless nodes – Regional : OK

VoIP (voice) platform : OK

Upstream routing – Domestic : OK

Upstream routing – International : OK

Netflix : OK

YouTube : OK

Spotify : OK

Current known issues

Wed 16th September 2020 1300 : Upstream provider issues are affecting our high-speed optical fibre link to Whittlesea. Customers connected through our Humevale node will be experiencing lower speeds and packet loss while our backup link is in operation. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Planned outages and works

25th July 2020 1200-1400 EST : Customers connected to our Humevale / Whittlesea facility may experience a short interruption to service while we bring high capacity equipment online. This should result in a single short interruption while your router changes over to the new path. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Recently resolved issues


Wed 15th Jan 2020 : At approx 1136am our monitors showed an issue with a 10-gigabit optical fibre feed at NextDC M1. This affected services in Western Victoria and some upstream International Internet traffic. Backup circuits automatically picked up the load until this was resolved at 1320. Resolution involved a tech tracing the fibre path and locating a patch which had been disturbed.
Mon 17th Feb 2020 : At approx 1129am our primary provider for Telstra, International connectivity and phone services experienced a major outage. Our backup provider took over the traffic until resolved at 1259pm.
Sat 4th April 2020 : 1810 EDST : Storm damage is affecting services in the Warrandyte area. Engineers will attend to this as soon as safely possible.
Tue 5th May 2020 1020 EST : Engineers replaced failed equipment affecting Glenburn and Broadford.