December 11, 2017

Service Status

Current Status 

Core network – Melbourne DC1 : OK

Wireless nodes – Major : OK

Wireless nodes – Micro : OK

Wireless nodes – Regional : OK

VoIP platform : OK

Upstream routing – Domestic : OK

Upstream routing – International : OK

Netflix : OK

YouTube : OK

Spotify : OK

Current known issues


Planned outages and works

Thu 7th November 2019 0700-0900: Engineers will be performing upgrade works at our Campbellfield node. To keep our team members safe, these works must be performed during daylight hours. Short interruptions to service can be expected to those surrounding this site for up to 10 minutes during this change window. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
An upstream provider advises works on the under-sea optic fibre cable between Australia and the USA (called the Southern Cross Cable) as follows :
Title: Los Angeles/Auckland – Planned works – 05-Nov-2019
Southern Cross will be performing scheduled maintenance on the SCCN southern cable leg which will affect connectivity between Auckland and Los Angeles. The maintenance window is scheduled between 03:00am AEDT and 12:00pm noon AEDT 05-Nov-2019
An alarm condition exists on a link on Segment D (Morro Bay to Spencer Beach) that although not currently traffic affecting does require investigation and rectification by SCCN. Because of the complexity of this activity, an extended window is required.
<upstream’s> primary 10G USA Traffic Link may be Out of Service for an indefinite period or periods during the Maintenance Window. (16:00 04/11 – 00:00 05/11 GMT).
During this time, traffic will re-route to a backup path via REACH/Endeavour. Although no loss of connectivity is expected for USA services, be aware that latency will increase between Australia and North America during the window while the facility is offline.
Once works are complete, the network will automatically re-establish the low-latency path once available.

Recently resolved issues


4th November 2019 1800 EDST : Engineers are investigating issues with upstream routing. Diverse paths are being utilised to side step upstream issues.
3rd November 2019 : Engineers bypassed a faulty power controller on Nhill.
9th July 2019 0930-1200 : Humevale / Whittlesea node : Brief interruptions to service (2-3 mins) may occur while tower based equipment is replaced. These works are expected to resolve random “dropout” events and improve latency.
2nd June 2019 0800 : Arthurs Creek area : Power controller replaced.
27th May 2019 2330-2359 EST : Engineers will be replacing networking hardware. Outages of up to 15 minutes may be experienced. We apologise for any inconvenience.
27th May 2019 0100-0200 EST : Engineers will be replacing networking hardware. Outages of up to 15 minutes may be experienced. We apologise for any inconvenience.
7th May 2019 9:00pm AEST : Engineers located a switch port which was locked up. A reset resolved the fault. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
5th April 2019 5:30pm AEDT : We are seeing issues with an upstream connection. We have migrated traffic to an alternate path.
31st March 2019 ; 0000-0600 AEDT : Melbourne DC1 : Migration of upstream carrier links to new equipment
– This may affect customer services depending on location in our network. We advise customers to reboot their router if experiencing any issues after the works timeframe.