June 6, 2024

Payment Assistance Policy – Summary


You have a right to apply for short term help of up to 3 months or long-term help for more than 3 months. We will not charge you for financial hardship assistance. Our Payment Assistance Policy is available in full at https://www.hyperwave.com.au/hyperwave-payment-assistance-policy-march-2024/

Eligibility for financial hardship assistance

Customers may be eligible for payment assistance if they cannot pay their bills to us because of reasonable causes such as personal or household illness; unemployment; low or insufficient income, including reduced access to income; being a victim survivor of domestic or family violence; a death in the family; a change in personal or family circumstances; a natural disaster; or unexpected events or unforeseen changes that have impacted the customer’s income or expenditure; and the customer considers that they will be able to pay their bills to us if we agree on an arrangement for financial hardship assistance.

Applying for payment assistance

Our accounts team will assess, assist and communicate with customers suffering hardship and their nominated representatives in a friendly and empathetic way. You can apply for payment assistance by contacting us on Monday to Friday during business hours (0900-1700) on (03) 9081-2888, email our accounts team at customercare@hyperwave.com.au or write to us at: attention Hyperwave Accounts, PO Box 354, Rosanna, Victoria, 3084.

Options for assistance

Options may include temporarily postponing, extending or deferring the time for paying a bill; discounting a bill charge; applying a credit to your account; waiving a debt; payment plans which are tailored to meet your ability to pay; establishing an arrangement whereby we match payments made by you or give credit in exchange for payments made by you; controls on how you can incur charges with us, including spendcontrols; restrictions; removing non-essential features of a telecommunications product at no cost; transferring you to a different telecommunications product that better suits your circumstances; adjusting internal threshold limits so that you are not disconnected; or offering a free non-automatic payment method.

Complaints and financial counselling

You can complain to us at customercare@hyperwave.com.au or (03) 9081-2888. If your complaint remains unresolved, you may contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) on 1800 062 058. 

Free financial counselling is available from many community based services. One example of a community based financial counselling lookup tool is: https://ndh.org.au/financial-counselling/find-a-financial-counsellor/ or by phone at freecall 1800-007-007.